Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The End of December

So Christmas has come and gone. It's almost a new year. What a year. I know I said it last year... "2008, can't be worse than 2007" but that was a BLOODY TERRIBLE LIE!!!!! 2008 was MUCH worse than 2007. So I'm crossing my fingers with this one.... 2009 PLEASE DO NOT LET IT BE WORSE THAN 2008!!!!!!!!!!

I would recap the year for you, but I'm not in the mood.

The kids had a VERY small Christmas this year. We didn't have a tree or many gifts at all. The highlights: Keely is IN LOVE with her Easy Bake Oven. Colin got 2 Star Wars Transformers. Keely got some new books and workbooks. Colin got new clothes... Star Wars clothes rather. :)

Well... I'm off to go get some chompers brushed and toss them into bed. I just wanted to give a small update on Christmas. Woo! (can you read my enthusiasm?)

XooX to all my friends and family who tune in.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

4 Days 'Til Christmas...

This isn't going to be a typical bouncy blog.. not that they have been the past few months... for those who I have been ignoring... for those who keep wondering why I'm not returning calls or emails or texts... I am sorry. The Marcia that everyone knows is still here... just in fleeting spurts. Today's blog will be some rambling about the inner workings of my mind. Again... not the happiest of places right now. And why am I publishing everything in a blog and not email individuals... I have ZERO email addy's! I have the laptop here and the PC (with EVERYTHING on it) is still at Christian's house. It's funny calling it his house... Anyway.... so... the only way I can get the info out is thru... tada... the blog. So... without further ado... My ramblings (stream of conscious style because I don't have it in me for proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, proof reading or paragraphs)....

I feel myself shutting down. I'm having trouble getting excited about anything. I'm finding myself just sitting alone in my room while the kids were at school just laying. I look at the clock and 3 hours had passed. Not sleeping. Not playing online. Not thinking. Just laying. I don't know if the anti-depressants aren't enough anymore even though I'm on a pretty big dosage? I know the anti-anxiety pills side of the Lexapro hasn't been enough. I'm taking the Xanax pretty constant right now. As soon as I let myself think it seems like I go into a panic. Such simple tiny things send me into a huge wave of anxiety. I've never felt quite this bad in my life. I'll send someone a text... and if I don't get a response suddenly I'm thrown into a wave of fear that I have upset the person????? Yeah... not like me AT ALL. I feel like I'm some 15 year old high school girl all over again with the huge waves of drama... even though this time it's unintentional. As a lot of you know, I have always had issues sleeping. I'm back on that same roller coaster... getting maybe 2 hours of sound sleep per night. The rest I'm up every 20-40 minutes... The only nights I really sleep decent are the nights that I have a phone sleep-over with someone (and if you happen to read this, I know I tell you often, but i REALLY REALLY appreciate the nights you are there for me). And for all of you who are thinking "you have got to be kidding me... falling asleep on the phone all night long stuck to your ear... blah blah blah...." shut up. I don't care what you think. Yes, it's psychosomatic. Leave me alone. It could be just the rhythm of breathing that is white noise in the background... it could be a lot of things. All I know is that the phone sleep-overs help me get thru the night. I feel comfortable and safe... And YES... I do have my good days. I'm just overwhelmed by grief and stress. I'm sleeping in my dads bedroom.. in his bed... I think about him non-stop... I never thought I would be admitting this, but I miss his looking down at me with a cocked head to one side with "that tone" saying, "Little Girl...." Sadly when I do something he would have said it to me, I actually hear it in my head. I'm doing the bbq turkeys, I'm making the hamburgers, I'm mowing the lawn, I'm cleaning up the newspapers (the man had 3 delivered each day???), I'm taking out the trash and recycling... I'm doing the vacuuming.... I'm doing his jobs now. It really eats me up on a daily basis. And what am I doing with my grief... doing what I do best... burying it deep. I'm not talking about it... I'm just stuffing it as deep inside me as I can... I have to be the rock for my Mum. I have to be strong for my kids. Colin still asks questions about my dad... "when is Gramps coming back," "Did it hurt when he died," "Will I die on the floor like Gramps did." BLAH.

So now that my eyes are so irritated from the tears and wiping them, I think it's time to say g'bye for now. I have to go suck it up... and vacuum the living room.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Life... thrown into utter upheaval. I am walking in a constant daydream. I don't know which end is up anymore.

My dad died. I left Christian and moved in with Mum. I'm now unemployed. Christian and I are getting a divorce. We are trying to keep this as friendly as possible... and so far we are doing good. The kids are in a constant state of frustration and confusion. Andy (that's my brother for those who do not know) is CONSTANTLY on my ass about being a financial drain on my Mum and being a huge loser.

Yeah.... so... in a moment of retaliation I decided to dye my hair purple. I like it. In one move, I became the coolest Mum according to all the kids at the elementary school.... and at that same moment became the most despised parent :) Aaaahhhhhh screw them.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Past Month...

It's been a little over a month since Dad died. Life has been thrown upside down. Highlights of the month:

Colin turned 6 on Monday. Keely will turn 7 on Saturday. Happy Birthday to my babies!!!!

The kids and I have moved in with Mum. We moved in shortly after my dad died. It's been quite a transition, but it is working well. The kids now have bunk beds. Colin thinks they are the greatest! Dogzilla loves living here... she runs and runs and runs with Mum's dogs.

yeah... that's the quick update. Sorry I've been so silent. It's been.... difficult.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

RIP Daddy... I Miss You SO SO SO SO SO Much

I don't know if I will even be able to get thru this blog. Just starting it has my hands shaking and the tears pouring down my round cheeks.

On the 21st, Nana (my Mum's Mum) had her foot partially amputated. She had been in the hospital for 2 weeks prior with some serious issues and had already had two toe amputations during the two weeks. Mum was at the hospital all day.

On the 22nd, Mum spent the whole day with Nana at the hospital again. Nana kept telling my Mum to go home and spend some time with her husband. She had been at the hospital at least 6 hours every day that Nana was in there.

Mum got home later and my Dad had made her dinner. They ate and watched Boston Legal on the Tivo. She got up when it ended and went into the bathroom to start getting ready for bed. She was in the bathroom 20 minutes when he dogs started barking. She was agitated that my Dad wasn't quieting them. She walked around the corner yelling, "Thomas! Shut the dogs up!" and saw him laying in an odd place on the floor. She thought he was playing one of the dog's favourite games, so she walked over and smacked him. He was ice cold.

While the paramedics were on their way, the 911 operator walked her through CPR. As soon as the paramedics arrived and started working on him, she phoned me. I had NO idea what she was saying... it was 11:13pm and I had already fallen asleep. I just KNEW that I had to get there and in my heart I knew why. I drove a mere 80 mph to her house and saw as they were lifting him into the back of the ambulance. There was no urgency. There was no rush. I knew he was gone.

Andy wouldn't answer his phone so I called Jessica. She woke him. He called me as I was walking into Mum's- he was pissed off at me.
"What the f- is going on."
"Andy, you need to get here... NOW."
"I will, but you need to tell me what the f-is going on. I just woke up."
"Andy, get here. I'm pretty sure Dad is dead."
"Why the f-would you say that? Don't be stupid."
"Get here... NOW."

After a few minutes of looking for Dad's wallet the ambulance finally left. I got Mum into my car. She was in shock; terrified. I watched the sky as I drove. Looking at the clouds, the moon, the few stars I could see. I nattered on and on and on about them... trying to keep my mind clear so I didn't kill Mum and I on the way.

When we got there, they took us to the conference room. That only means one thing. They pronounced him dead at 11:59. They said it was a heart attack. His heart just stopped. It was instant.... no pain. We couldn't pull Mum from his side. She wouldn't leave him. She couldn't leave him. They met when they were 15... high school sweethearts. You don't find your soul mate at 15 years old....

My Dad and I didn't always have the greatest relationship, but we loved each other. He and I always vexed one another. Neither of us could walk away from an argument; we always had to get the last word in. His jokes were terrible and I would always tell him to stop telling them. He was always on my case about stealing from him... if something cost $29.86 and he gave me $30, he would ALWAYS demand the change I was "trying to steal."

However, we had our documentary's, getting the pleasure of rubbing Udder Balm on his dry feet, random knowledge brought us close, It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Rocky Horror Picture Show, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, smoked turkeys at every chance, "Little Girl, live your life by A Charlie Brown Christmas and you will always find happiness," astronomy, meteor showers (especially Orionids), watching Alton Brown cook and dry humour of Good Eats, MythBusters.... October through January we were side by side. Deciding he would be called "Gramps" and from that moment on, all the vexing of earlier years washed away.

Keely took his death VERY hard. She cried and cried and cried. Her relationship with him was EXACTLY like mine. Those two butted heads NON STOP. The day he died, he had picked the kids up from school just because he wanted to. They had their typical day together. This is all she can fixate on; "Gramps said I had a red-day at his house just like I did at school."

Colin tried so so hard to understand. He's taking it pretty badly, too. He and his Gramps were best buddies. They played Mr. Potato Head all the time. It was something special they did with each other. He said he never wants to play Potato Head again.

RIP Daddy.....


Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm not dead...

It's been a month. I have had a few ask if I'm dead. Nope... just head in the clouds.

Colin is doing SO SO SO well in school. I can't believe the change between this year and last. Yes, he has matured and I worked my bumm off over the summer to help him control some of his anger issues, but this teacher... he adores her and she works SSSOOO well with him!!!!

Keely's school year... well, you can probably guess how it is going. Not much has changed between this year and last. This week I have started a new reward system for her behaviours at school. granted, I am on two days in, but I have seen progress already!!! Let's hope this lasts a few weeks!!!

Work. We all know how hesitant I was to go back. We all know I wanted to stay home and sew all day long. So, now that I have been there a month, what do I think. I think it's a great job for me. 9-2. I'm off in time to pick the kids up from school. I'm guaranteed at least one of the weekend days off. I get to make embroideries each day. I get to play on sewing machines. Once I "learn" all the machines, I will be able to take my own projects in and work on my stuff there. I guess it's pretty great. The hourly is pretty horrible, but the commissions are nice; not a lot, but enough to make a difference... surprise money each check.

I am trying to get my trip to England planned for March over Easter. Auntie Sheila is SSSOOO excited about it. I really think that due to her age and health, someone really must make the attempt to get to know the family there. Someone has to keep the lines of communication going. If we don't we lose that huge branch of the family. I can't wait. Most of you know it has ALWAYS been my dream to go to England. I just never did anything about it... until now. I have a friend who lives in England and he said he will be my tour guide :)

I have sewn 6 skirts over the month. I have to dress "semi-professional" for work. We all know I have my wrap skirts... Elvis, giant mermaids... my Peter Pan syndrome lives in thru my clothes. Now I actually have to look... decent. In the beginning, I thought it was going to be the deal breaker for the job! It's not so bad. I actually have been enjoying the skirts. *gasp* Yes, you heard it right. I don't mind the skirts. I do get to have my pigtails, so I think that has helped the situation!!!!!

I have to confess that I have been reading the Twilight series. First Amy told me about them. Then 'Stina. Then 'Stina talked my mum into reading Twilight and I got my hands on it moments after she finished. I started and thought it was lame. I couldn't believe that THIS is what EVERYONE was talking about. It was so... high schhol angst. Then it happened.... I became a girl obsessed. Maybe that's half the reason that I haven't been sewing much... I've had my nose stuck in the books as often as I can!!! It is NO Harry Potter, but I am head over heels in love with Edward Cullins!

My brain is all over the place. Sorry for the disjointed blog. This past month my head has been in the clouds.

Well, it's 6am now. I really must get up and moving. I have lunches to make, myself to get ready, kitties to feed, kids to wake.... fun fun fun!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

One Week in One Blog

Well, the week sure has been busy. I figured instead of making a different blog for each topic, I would jot everything in one.


The first week has come and gone. The kids are very happy in their classes.

Colin's teacher is PERFECT for him!! This is his first year with "specials" and he LOVES art and computer class, likes PE and doesn't care much for music. The extent to Colin's art so far has just been a smiley face with a square around it. Yesterday he came home with a VERY elaborate picture of his art teacher, a cat and himself. I'm VERY impressed!!!

Keely is still Keely. Her teacher lives 4 houses from us which is what happens when you live in a small town! She said that Keely really is a blast to have in class and she is a sweetheart. I said it's still the honeymoon :) Her behaviour is charted in a rainbow. Purple=excellent, Blue=great, Green=good, Yellow=warning, Orange=busted and Red... let's just hope we never get there. So far Keely has managed to pull off one green day... and 5 yellows. This doesn't surprise me at all. She's only had one accident, too! If we stay here all year, I wouldn't mind one bit!!!!


The heat has killed most of my garden. Most of the soybeans have dried and I picked them all. I'm just waiting for the mildly green ones to finish drying before I start my soymilk/tofu making. I'm excited about it.

There has been a war against the three mockingbirds who live nearby. EVERY SINGLE TIME a tomato starts to have a bit of an orange colour, those bloody birds eat them. The plants are huge and they have tons of flowers and small green tomatoes all over them... it's too bad we won't get to eat any. I do have to say that I miss my daily squash and zucchini lunch. I also miss my abundance of zucchini bread. The 2nd planting of Texas started yesterday, but with our pal Tropical Depression Gustav here, I can't get into the garden.

The New Job

As posted before, I am now an employee of Viking Sewing Gallery located inside of the Frisco Joann's. I was VERY skeptical about keeping the job. I'm still not 100% sold on this being the best thing, but I'm feeling MUCH better about the decision. My manager has said 1,261 times that I am the greatest thing that has happened to her so far this year. I get to be her right hand man. I am paid hourly and I get commission from the machines and software that I sell. In my first 6 days, I sold on my own two machines and helped sell one machine and software. Not too bad, if I do say so myself. I'm really enjoying the job so far.

My New Toy

I've always had an interest in getting an embroidery machine. Now that I'm actually learning about the differences in machines, I picked the one of my future (I have to save up my newly earned income and for my employee discount to start in 90 days, of course). Well, the machine that I picked as my starting machine just happened to come in on a trade, in stellar condition, and a price that was far too good to be true. I called Christian and asked if I had permission; "We will talk about it when I get home tonight," was the reply. That meant probably not. I called my Mum. "Remember how you love me? Remember how we have dreamed about an embroidery machine? What if I said the price was too good to be true and I have until tomorrow morning to buy it or put it out for sale?" I'm in her debt once again for the rest of my life. Not only did she buy the machine for me, but the software that goes with it.
My New Designer 1
This little baby can sew through 15 layers of denim like a butter knife in a tub of whipped margarine.
The software not only has something like 300 images already installed, you can find clip art or make your own designs and translate it into embroidery. That's right, I can scan in a colouring book page, fiddle with it in the software and embroider it. I can take 15 separate embroidery pictures, pick and chose what I like out of each and mold them into one. Now to learn how....

The time has come to start the dreaded housework that hat been neglected for the past week. More to come in the next day or two!

Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School Pictures!

It's official. Keely's in 1st grade and Colin's in kindergarten. My babies aren't babies anymore.
(Click the pictures to make them bigger)

Walking out the door for the first day of Kindergarten & 1st Grade!!!

Keely showing off her new backpack

Sibling Love???

Colin's usual face regarding going back to school

Keely doing a before school spin in her new dress

Keely with her friend Malia. They were in kinder together and again now in 1st!

Colin and his fiancee Caitlyn. They were SSOOO happy to see each other again. Sadly, they are not in the same class.

Colin with his teacher Mrs. Ulrich

Sunday, August 24, 2008


It's been a lot of years since someone has called me their best friend. Until today.

Jeannett has been in my life for 15 years. We have our obligatory 6-week phone call. We talk about everything and anything. She's never called me her best friend.

Karen has been in my life for 11 years. We were two peas in a pod. We were soul-sistas, but not best friends.

Christina has been in my life for 9 years. We have been through a lot. She's called me one of her closest friends, but never her best friend.

Wendy came over with the family to spend a fun day before school starts with us. One of the first things she said was, "I have an opening for best friend. You get to be it." I think I won by default because nobody else lives around here :)

She moved me to her top spot on her myspace friends list AND she made plans to spend her 5th wedding anniversary with us next Saturday!!!

This is what we would look like if we took a Totem Pole picture (I really suck at photoshop, can you tell?)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Am.... Employed!?!?!?!

It happened purely by chance. I really didn't want to start working so soon, but I knew it would be inevitable once Colin started kindergarten. 7 hours a day 5 days a week alone.... I would go insane. Yes, I have my crafts to keep me busy and happy. Yes, I am actually starting to make some money doing my crafts... but that's a lot of hours to keep sane alone in a house.

Yesterday I was at Joann's doing a little shopping. The cutting counter gals all know me, so we talk and joke around as they cut my fabric. One of the gals mentioned to me that Viking/Husqvarna is hiring. They are the little department inside Joann's that sell sewing machines, embroidery machines, felt embellishers and overlocks. I took an application since I was there and went home. Christian and I talked about it for quite a while and he really wanted me to go for it. Well, I turned in my application, we talked about my availability and was hired right then and there. The manager recognized me since I have talked to her quite a few times to learn more about my serger. SSSOOOO.... I start Thursday. I will be selling machines and teaching classes to the people who purchase a machine.

The reason I accepted the job is she is willing to work around the kids. I will work 9a-2p. I will be home to pick the kids up from school. Unfortunately i will be working on weekends, but again, she is willing to work around my kids. If it doesn't work out... I don't have to stay.

School is Starting

School starts on Monday. That's right, just 4 days and they will be sitting in their little chairs listening to the teacher.

Colin is going into KINDERGARTEN!!! My baby is going to school for 7 hours this year. his teacher is Mrs. Ulrich. She's a great teacher who I met last year with Keely in kindergarten. She's very mellow and calm, cute as a button, and Ulysses really warmed up to her. I think that it will be a good match for him.

Keely is going into 1st grade!!! Her teacher is Mrs. Boyette. Mrs. Boyette lives 4 houses away. Her kindergarten teacher feels that she is the best match for Keely's personality. She has one of her friends in her class so I think that it will help some of her anxiety.

On a very exciting note, the autism specialist for the school (Mrs. Pacheco) who had taken a large interest in my kids last year, continued her quest in helping me out over the summer. She went to the Collin County Co-Op and talked to them about Colin and re-opening his IEP. We have to wait a few weeks just to get everything started in motion, but it looks like this year is starting off in a positive light!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pickles, Anyone???

This was my first time making pickles. I learned one VERY important thing.... do it on a day when you can open the windows and air out the house. It still smells of dill pickles 15 hours later!!!

Making pickles is fairly easy. A good way to use up all of those cucumbers from the garden at my parents house. Keely tends to love pickles as much as my dad, so why not make a few jars.

Slice cucumbers thin.

Mix up the all important pickling brine (For my first batch, I cheated and bought the pre-mixed stuff. Next batch I will do everything myself).

Place cucumbers into hot mason jar. Ladle the brine on top leaving 1/2" headspace. Process for 10 minutes in the canner.

Wait 24 hours to check the seals.

1 jar for us. 1 jar for my dad. 1 jar for Grandma Gerry. 1 jar for Leonard. 1 jar left over.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Mmmm..... Blueberry Jam

I don't really sit down much. If I'm not working with or playing with the kids, I'm cleaning and in between the kids and cleaning, there are the crafts.

Last night, I put the kids to bed and pulled out 6 cups of fresh blueberries. It was time...

Take room temperature berries and smush the daylights out of them. Add 4 cups of sugar and bring slowly to a boil.

Once the berries start to boil, turn up the heat, and boil until it reaches the gelling point (when the jam sheets off a spoon held away from the steam).

Ladle it into hot jars, attach lids, and stick into boiling water making sure to have at least an inch or two of water over the top of the jars.

Boil jars in water for 15 minutes. Remove. Let sit for 24 hours. Check the seals on the jar by pushing the center. Hide the jars from the kids so they have no idea you have made such a special treat.

The following morning, wake kids up early exclaiming about the special surprise and they have to get out of bed before the breakfast train leaves. When they sit down half asleep in the chairs, present them with toast smothered in jam!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Brown is the New Green

For those who do not know... Andy, my brother, sold his beloved Chevy truck and bought himself a fancy shmancy Ford F350 Diesel.

Andy has decided to start using used oil from local restaurants to make Bio-Diesel (or as we lovingly refer to it as "Bio-Andy" since our dear Willie Nelson's bio-Willie is no longer). This is his super duper bio-making machine :)

What's my part in all of this bio-diesel talk? One of the byproducts from making BioD is glycerin. Many people simply dump this stuff out. That is not an environmentally good way to deal with it. We are making soap out of the glycerin. If you look on your common cleaners and soaps you will notice that they use glycerin too.

The jar on the left is made with mixed oils (veggie, canola, soy). The the jar on the right is made with peanut oil. Both have the bio-diesel layer on the top and the glycerin layer is settled on the bottom.

Until we get our still made, I am cooking the glycerin layer in buckets in the sun for two days and then sticking it in a pot on the BBQ to boil it.

Once cooled, I mix water, a caustic, and a few drops of scent into the glycerin. A few minutes of stirring and I have soap!!! Since we are using oils that are liquid at room temperature, bar soap is VERY difficult to make. Our liquid soap is gentle and safe to use as shampoo and body soap, safe enough to use as a dish soap, tough enough to use as a degreaser and laundry soap.

This is Andy's site he is very slowly building. He started building it only a few days ago.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

An update about absolutely nothing....

A quick update since I have been MIA for a while...

My aunt has been here from England. I haven't seen her in 12 years, so it's been great visiting with her. I have seen her all but one day while she has been here. She's so much fun!!!! My grandparents took her to CA to visit all of the family (being that my grandparents, my parents, myself and one of my two brothers are the only ones here in Dallas). Of course, I saw this as an oppurnity to get some sewing/knitting done.... and then I pinched a nerve in my back. How did I accomplish such a wonderful thing??? I was picking zucchini in the garden. I stood up and that was that. I have been on the recliner for 4 days now in pain. So, another day or two sitting still and my aunt will be back in Dallas and I'll be spending my time with her. The Wii and I have become best friends. It goes between my brother and my house all week long. I have it during the days. Andy and Jessica have it during the nights. Wii Sports is darn tootin' fun! Christian even plays!!! I got Carnival Games for the kids and have fallen enamoured with it myself. Keely's nearly as good as I am!!! Colin likes to play Sonic & Mario Olympics (I think that's what it's called). When Jessica and I get to gether it becomes an all night extravaganza of Sports and Cooking Mama. It's kind of a lame game, yet it's kind of fun at the same time. Um.... my garden is producing me with daily zucchini, squash and tomatoes. The kids have enjoyed helping me pick the veggies. I have been enjoying the nightly squashs!!!! YUM!!! I do have one problem being that my giant Pink Brandywine (beefsteak size) tomato plants have gotten so big they can't stand stand anymore. They have mutilated the cages they are in. With the back issue, I can't fix them either. I really hope that the wind doesn't knock them down and snap the stems *crosses fingers*. Yeah... I think that's about all right now....


PS- excuse the typos and randomness of the brain. Vicodin tends to leave my brain a little wacky.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Garden Pictures... 4 weeks after planting

Excuse the large amount of weeds in the front.

My little patch of green love!

Little Lettuce Patch

Somehow, someday, this will be cabbage

My Wall-o-Squash. Since it was overtaking everything within it's reach, I decided to claim a bell pepper support for the Butternut, Straightneck, Crookneck and Zucchini to grow on. I only put it in two days ago.

A Butternut Squash nearing harvest hidden under the canopy of leaves

One row of Green Beans was snuffed out by the Zucchini. The other row is doing well.

The soybeans are starting to flower.

Giant tomato plants in my little tomato cages

Monday, June 23, 2008

My First Harvest

That's right... one month in the ground and I have a harvest!!!!!

Drum roll, please....

All two cherry tomatoes... Keely devoured them seconds after the picture was taken.

Radishes. We planted 200 seeds and it seems that a good 150+ made it. I don't eat 'em, but I hear they are some of the hottest my family has ever eaten.

I have been patiently waiting for the squash section. I have 4 varieties in the garden. The first to be picked was a gorgeous zucchini that was hidden deep under the leaf canopy. As you can see by the measuring tape it's over 10" long!

I heard Colin playing phone and came out to him exclaiming, "I found this big telephone on the counter!"

And non-garden related, yesterday Lambchops celebrated his 12-week birthday. He's gotten a lot darker on his points. He's extremely vocal and we have full conversations. He's so much fun and so adorable!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wii... Where Have You Been All My Life????

The Wii came. It arrrived on Thursday afternoon. I'm not as young as I thought... my muscles are screaming; thank goodness for Advil! Jess came over last night around 9... and didn't leave until 130a! Christian sat and watched and talked a lot of crap because I don't know how to box. As soon as we woke up this morning, I forced the control and nunchuk on him :) Guess who couldn't live up to his talk?!?!

I'm pretty certain that I'm going to lost that 30 lbs I gained last summer from the knee surgery!!! This thing rocks!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

L A M B C H O P S ! ! !

Time to introduce everyone to Lambchops. He's my new friend. He is a Persian/Birman mix. For those who don't know... Whiskers is a Birman... they are SUPER friendly cats, almost dog-like, and have the sacred white paws of purity (a legend). We got him on May 23rd and went through our "adjustment" with him. After a few weeks of my abuse and smothering and he is slowly becoming my little lap buddy (when he isn't exploring, running, chasing, eating fuzz balls off the carpet and wrestling).

This is him at 6 weeks

Here he is the day I brought him home. He made immediate friends with Bailey!

Over the past week, he and Stripey have decided they are best friends. She keeps him in check!

I took this last night. He climbed up on Christian's turntable and made a little house (which he is currently hiding there right now and looks adorable!)

I'll bust out the good camera and take some cute action shots of him over the next few days. He's such a fun little ball of fluff and the pictures do NOT do his fluff justice! Since his arrival, my nightmares of reliving Smashy's murder have reduced. So, I guess he's doing his job!

Shades of Purple Sundress

I'm making "Shades of Purple" for my glorious gf, so I did a small scale for Keely to make sure I liked all of the FOURTY different fabric patches of purple together.

The bodice is a little boxy and big. That tends to happen when I do my own designs. I'm still learning :)

SO... here it is...