Wednesday, September 3, 2008

One Week in One Blog

Well, the week sure has been busy. I figured instead of making a different blog for each topic, I would jot everything in one.


The first week has come and gone. The kids are very happy in their classes.

Colin's teacher is PERFECT for him!! This is his first year with "specials" and he LOVES art and computer class, likes PE and doesn't care much for music. The extent to Colin's art so far has just been a smiley face with a square around it. Yesterday he came home with a VERY elaborate picture of his art teacher, a cat and himself. I'm VERY impressed!!!

Keely is still Keely. Her teacher lives 4 houses from us which is what happens when you live in a small town! She said that Keely really is a blast to have in class and she is a sweetheart. I said it's still the honeymoon :) Her behaviour is charted in a rainbow. Purple=excellent, Blue=great, Green=good, Yellow=warning, Orange=busted and Red... let's just hope we never get there. So far Keely has managed to pull off one green day... and 5 yellows. This doesn't surprise me at all. She's only had one accident, too! If we stay here all year, I wouldn't mind one bit!!!!


The heat has killed most of my garden. Most of the soybeans have dried and I picked them all. I'm just waiting for the mildly green ones to finish drying before I start my soymilk/tofu making. I'm excited about it.

There has been a war against the three mockingbirds who live nearby. EVERY SINGLE TIME a tomato starts to have a bit of an orange colour, those bloody birds eat them. The plants are huge and they have tons of flowers and small green tomatoes all over them... it's too bad we won't get to eat any. I do have to say that I miss my daily squash and zucchini lunch. I also miss my abundance of zucchini bread. The 2nd planting of Texas started yesterday, but with our pal Tropical Depression Gustav here, I can't get into the garden.

The New Job

As posted before, I am now an employee of Viking Sewing Gallery located inside of the Frisco Joann's. I was VERY skeptical about keeping the job. I'm still not 100% sold on this being the best thing, but I'm feeling MUCH better about the decision. My manager has said 1,261 times that I am the greatest thing that has happened to her so far this year. I get to be her right hand man. I am paid hourly and I get commission from the machines and software that I sell. In my first 6 days, I sold on my own two machines and helped sell one machine and software. Not too bad, if I do say so myself. I'm really enjoying the job so far.

My New Toy

I've always had an interest in getting an embroidery machine. Now that I'm actually learning about the differences in machines, I picked the one of my future (I have to save up my newly earned income and for my employee discount to start in 90 days, of course). Well, the machine that I picked as my starting machine just happened to come in on a trade, in stellar condition, and a price that was far too good to be true. I called Christian and asked if I had permission; "We will talk about it when I get home tonight," was the reply. That meant probably not. I called my Mum. "Remember how you love me? Remember how we have dreamed about an embroidery machine? What if I said the price was too good to be true and I have until tomorrow morning to buy it or put it out for sale?" I'm in her debt once again for the rest of my life. Not only did she buy the machine for me, but the software that goes with it.
My New Designer 1
This little baby can sew through 15 layers of denim like a butter knife in a tub of whipped margarine.
The software not only has something like 300 images already installed, you can find clip art or make your own designs and translate it into embroidery. That's right, I can scan in a colouring book page, fiddle with it in the software and embroider it. I can take 15 separate embroidery pictures, pick and chose what I like out of each and mold them into one. Now to learn how....

The time has come to start the dreaded housework that hat been neglected for the past week. More to come in the next day or two!

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nichole said...

i am glad it is going a little better. when do you get off? i want to visit you at work.