Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pickles, Anyone???

This was my first time making pickles. I learned one VERY important thing.... do it on a day when you can open the windows and air out the house. It still smells of dill pickles 15 hours later!!!

Making pickles is fairly easy. A good way to use up all of those cucumbers from the garden at my parents house. Keely tends to love pickles as much as my dad, so why not make a few jars.

Slice cucumbers thin.

Mix up the all important pickling brine (For my first batch, I cheated and bought the pre-mixed stuff. Next batch I will do everything myself).

Place cucumbers into hot mason jar. Ladle the brine on top leaving 1/2" headspace. Process for 10 minutes in the canner.

Wait 24 hours to check the seals.

1 jar for us. 1 jar for my dad. 1 jar for Grandma Gerry. 1 jar for Leonard. 1 jar left over.


Anne said...

Hmmm... One jar left over? Hehe :)

How long do you have to keep them in before they are "pickled"?

Jeannett Gibson said...

Ohhh, yummy! I'll be interested to hear how the brine tastes! My grandma pickles cauliflower and bell peppers...YUMMY!

Rachel Slagle said...

dillon loves pickles! i think that it would be cool to make home made ones. but how horrible to have to smell that for so long - yuck :(