Wednesday, June 4, 2008

L A M B C H O P S ! ! !

Time to introduce everyone to Lambchops. He's my new friend. He is a Persian/Birman mix. For those who don't know... Whiskers is a Birman... they are SUPER friendly cats, almost dog-like, and have the sacred white paws of purity (a legend). We got him on May 23rd and went through our "adjustment" with him. After a few weeks of my abuse and smothering and he is slowly becoming my little lap buddy (when he isn't exploring, running, chasing, eating fuzz balls off the carpet and wrestling).

This is him at 6 weeks

Here he is the day I brought him home. He made immediate friends with Bailey!

Over the past week, he and Stripey have decided they are best friends. She keeps him in check!

I took this last night. He climbed up on Christian's turntable and made a little house (which he is currently hiding there right now and looks adorable!)

I'll bust out the good camera and take some cute action shots of him over the next few days. He's such a fun little ball of fluff and the pictures do NOT do his fluff justice! Since his arrival, my nightmares of reliving Smashy's murder have reduced. So, I guess he's doing his job!


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what a cute little kitty :)