Thursday, August 21, 2008

School is Starting

School starts on Monday. That's right, just 4 days and they will be sitting in their little chairs listening to the teacher.

Colin is going into KINDERGARTEN!!! My baby is going to school for 7 hours this year. his teacher is Mrs. Ulrich. She's a great teacher who I met last year with Keely in kindergarten. She's very mellow and calm, cute as a button, and Ulysses really warmed up to her. I think that it will be a good match for him.

Keely is going into 1st grade!!! Her teacher is Mrs. Boyette. Mrs. Boyette lives 4 houses away. Her kindergarten teacher feels that she is the best match for Keely's personality. She has one of her friends in her class so I think that it will help some of her anxiety.

On a very exciting note, the autism specialist for the school (Mrs. Pacheco) who had taken a large interest in my kids last year, continued her quest in helping me out over the summer. She went to the Collin County Co-Op and talked to them about Colin and re-opening his IEP. We have to wait a few weeks just to get everything started in motion, but it looks like this year is starting off in a positive light!!!

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