Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I would like to introduce... FRANKENKNEE!!!!

16 days post-op. I had Andy take some pictures. I think "Frankenknee" sounds more humorous than "Frankenleg" but my whole leg has been effected by the surgery. Starting at the toes... all the way up to the hip joint is swollen. I have cankles (sp?) now.Note the burn on my foot/ankle area. I woke from surgery all drugged and complaining of a burn. Once they unwrapped my full leg/foot wrappings 5 days later... yep, the doctor burned me. It looks MUCH better now.
My knee is still pretty purple. NOWHERE as bad as it had been. I was too disgusted to look at it before or I would have posted pictures earlier. I was only given internal stitches; he just taped the incision area and told me to wait until it crumbles off.
Well, I hope you enjoyed meeting Frankenknee. He will be with me a long time and I'm sure that this will all have been worth it in the end. I have pictures of the insides and the razor scraping my cartilage, but I can't scan them in at the moment. I am REALLY hoping to get a picture of the screw just because it was a bit larger than I had expected. We will see.....

Monday, June 25, 2007

2 Weeks Post-Op

It's REALLY hard to type on the laptop.

I'm still alive. My leg is pretty dang swollen. It looks like frankenknee. I still can't look at it without becoming faint.

My parents have been bringing the kids over to see me every other day. Colin has been an angel at home. Keely pretty much plays in her room when she's over. My parents have taken me on two wheelchair walks. It's amazing how much I miss being outside. Heck, I miss laying on my side/tummy, walking, sitting comfortably on the couch...

More to come after I see the doctor on Thursday...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

1 Week Post-Op

It's been a week since surgery. I feel pretty bad still. It was much worse than the doctor thought before. The pain pills have been very helpful. For the next two weeks, my therapy is to "wiggle my toes." I won't be able to put weight on it for 8 weeks. The meds make it very hard for me to think/type straight. I feel like a wreck. At least I got to have a shower!! After one week, I was pretty disgusting. The kids will be at my Mum's for who knows how long. They are both pretty upset with me; they won't talk to me on the phone. I saw Keely the day before yesterday and she was herself and had to leave right away for hurting me intentionally. She didn't even say hi to me or sit with me. Colin came over yesterday and he was glued to my side and cried when he had to leave. He kept saying, "Daddy, I promise I be good and not hurt Mommy so I can sleep at home. I promise Daddy!" When Christian carried him out of the house, I sobbed my little heart out. My parents are bringing them over today, we are going to load me into the wheelchair, and go to the playground all together. I sure hope that this doesn't backfire!!!

That's all for now. Time to nap again.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My Wandering Husband

10:00 pm. Christian and I go to bed.
1:23 am. Colin calls from his bed, "I have a bloody nose." I look and Christian isn't in bed. I think to myself, "I missed Colin's first call. Chris got up and is on his way to take care of it." 15 seconds later, Colin calls again.
I got up, sprinted to Colin's room, and start to apply pressure to his nose. Suddenly I hear it. It sounds like a bear sleeping in Keely's room. She is prone to deep breathing, snoring, talking & sleepwalking, but this sound was far too severe to come from her little body.
Colin's nose stops, I tuck him back in. I go into Keely's room and see her sleeping at the foot of the bed and Christian at the head (mind you, this IS a full sized bed). I shake him awake and he looks panicked. I walk with him to the kitchen and ask why he was in bed with Keely. Not only did he have no idea why he was in Keely's bed, he had no idea what he was talking about!! He was completely out of it and rambling about the oddest things!! It was glorious.