Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Colin's Trip to the Doctor

Since my surgery, the kids have been living at my parents house and only coming to visit; they are finally staying the night only on Christian's days off. This has led their need for order and structure to have been blown to hell. This has resulted in regression and an increase in behaviours in both kids.

My parents took Colin to the pediatrician today for a behaviour appointment. The Dr's passion is Autism, ADHD and behaviourally challenged and he gives appointments out side of office hours for the parents who need behaviour help. He had told me at their last appointment that he wanted to see them, Colin in particular, based off what he was observing during the appointment. SSSOOOO...

Colin's symptoms/behaviours are a perfect example of what ADHD is. And to clear the questions... YES, HE IS STILL AUTISTIC. ADHD and Autism run hand in hand with the majority of cases. Normally he would set up multiple visits to have parent interview and child observation. Within walking into the office, Colin displayed every behaviour that we wanted to talk about. Unfortunately, that meant that Colin didn't need multiple visits; he prescribed the medications straight away.

The Dr. picked a medication that has been used for 30 years. He feels very safe in prescribing it. As glasses help people focus their eyes to see, these medications help children with ADHD focus their thoughts better. The medication is Adderall XR. It is a stimulant which does have appetite loss and trouble falling asleep as the side effects. We may need to change medications multiple times to find the "right one" but once found, we should see a dramatic change in him within 3 days.

During the appointment, the Dr asked about Keely. Apparently, she also shows many symptoms of ADHD (including the going potty in her pants right in front of you). He asked us to make an appointment for her next week. Hopefully the medicationss will center her and she won't have to go back to special ed classes (since there is NO WAY she would be able to last the kindergarten year without some kind of help).

SSSOOOO, check back for updates over the next few days...

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Suzanne said...

You know what.. with all the research that has been done for ADHD, meds have been proven to be the formost treatment for it, with behaviour therapy combined. Sucks that you have to do it, but hopefully with all the combined treatments and therapy for the kids, they'll be able to learn how to deal with what they have and grow up to be wonderful people! Yay! :)