Tuesday, July 3, 2007

3 Weeks Post-Op

I'm off the drugs during the day.... mostly. I have the privilege of strapping my leg into the Continuous Passive Motion Machine for 6-8 hours a day. That involves laying on my back staring at the ceiling fan complaining that my body hurts. I'll have Andy take a picture and post it later this week. The movement hurts. It feels like my knee is going to tear open. I started on Thursday only being able to bend it 10'. I'm up to 27'. I have to be up to 45' in 2 1/2 more weeks. *sigh* Then I have another appointment where I will be given the task of getting up to 95'. Then starts the physical therapy for weight and muscle rebuilding. Fun times ahead!!!

Christian's Mum is here from San Luis Obispo to help take care of me. It sure is a blessing that she was able to get the time off of work to come!!! It's going to help on the stress to my parents and Andy a lot. The kids were really happy to see her. She will be here until the 10th, so it should be a decent holiday for her.

Yep Yep. That's the update as of now.

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Jeannett Gibson said...

So sorry for you and poor Franken-knee! :( You sound so miserable, but thank God you have family nearby! Could you imagine if you guys were out there in Texas all alone???

By the way, 2922 Stardust Court Santa Maria 93455. Now quit yer bitching.