Friday, April 27, 2007

Another Keely-ism

We went to a restaurant for dinner last night. Colin really enjoys this place because he can eat "a hamburger and french fries and ketchup." Plus, there always seems to be someone having a birthday when we go. They clap and sing while the birthday person rides a saddle waving a napkin over their heads (which we did for his birthday last November). Well, this time nobody had a birthday so Colin decided that it should be his birthday. We had the greatest server of all time on this visit, so when she came to clear the table, Colin asked if it could be his birthday with the clappers. She went in the back and out they came singing and clapping for Colin while he rode the saddle. After all the commotion and singing, we realized that Keely was crying. When we asked what was wrong, she informed us, "YOU LIED TO THEM! IT'S NOT COLIN'S BIRTHDAY AND HE SAID IT WAS AND THAT IS A LIE AND THAT'S VERY NAUGHTY!!!" We tried to explain that they knew it wasn't his birthday but they did it anyway because he behaved really well during dinner and they said they could do it as a reward. Well, she wasn't convinced and told everyone who passed that we were liars and naughty because it wasn't Colin's real birthday. *sigh* Who would have ever thought that she would come up with something so obscure as that!!!


Anonymous said...

at this moment i can literally hear keely shouting those words. post more anecdotes, i really miss those two.

Anonymous said...

oops! i forgot to write my name. guess i need to sign up for a google acct.

Jeannett Gibson said...

What a good girl! I'm impressed actually!