Monday, June 2, 2008

Grow Little Garden... GROW! 12 days later

Last week I was pretty dang sick. Couldn't move, let alone blog. I'm better now!! YIPPEEE!

The garden has taken off in leaps and bounds. The squash section is trying to take over... and it succeeding!

Here we are now, 12 days after my last post. All images are click-able for better viewing

Blackberries... all of which were consumed moments after taking the picture

The lettuce just poking through

The newest addition to the garden... RHUBARB!! It won't be ready until next year :(

AAAHHH the squash that is taking over... There is Straightneck, Crookneck, Butternut & Zucchini

What's under those big squashy leaves??? Why look... the straightneck squash has blooms and the beginning of of some delicious treats!

Two varieties of Green Beans

GROW LITTLE SOYBEANS!! Grow!!! Tofu and soymilk are expensive. One day, my little soybeans, that will be your fate!!!

Keely's Cherry Tomato plant is the only one with tomatoes so far. The other 4 varities are flowering, so it won't be long!

If you look closely... inbetween the invading grass and weeds... yes, there they are! ONIONS! I REALLY need to finish getting the rest in the ground!!!!

My lavender is in the front yard and went int a beautiful bloom

SSSOOOO... that's what we've got! Still no buds on the grapevine :(

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Rachel Slagle said...

what a great garden :) i cleared some space last year for a small garden and well, clearing the space was as far as i got... oh well.