Sunday, May 18, 2008

In Like a Lion... Out Like an Elephant

Yeah, life hasn't been handing me too many easy days lately. So instead of cry out to the world of my problems and the injustices, I figured it's easier NOT to blog.

We had a few near tornadoes form overhead. We have had more dr's appointments than I care to even think about. Colin is going on a new medication to see if we can get some of his aggression under control AND it will also put him to sleep!!! Keely is the best reader in the whole Kindergarten class!!!! Her downfall is her comprehension. Guess we will be working harder at that over the summer.

Some know... some don't know. The neighbor's pitbull pulled my kitty, Smashy, under the fence and violently killed her 5 feet away from me. It's really messed with me having to see it and not be able to do anything about it. My beloved Smashy....

I have found that cutting and sewing squares is very comforting to me. I have fallen in love with patchwork. I am making patchwork skirts, sundresses large squares that go to nothing... I love me some patchwork!!!

OH... Keely had a dress as your favourite book character day at her school... she wanted to be Elphaba from Wicked, but I said that they may not appreciate that at school. So, she picked Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. The dress took some skill, but I made it and am very proud of how it turned out!!!

Yeah... that's about it. I'll post more when I have some good fun things to post about....


andy gibson said...

Holy crap, I'm sorry you had to watch the cat. How horrible. Did you call animal control? They need to know and will record that there is an aggressive dog (a worthless pitbull none the less) if anything else happens later.

Marcia Fiedorowicz said...

Oh, I called everyone under the sun. I was informed that if I didn't want the dog in my yard, I should have prevented it from digging under the fence. When I showed the large piles of dirt that I had dug from my yard and put in the pitbulls holes, I was told that it wasn't the fault of the owners... it was mine.

Yea, the law is on the side of the owners here in the lovely state of Texas. Not my poor cat who was on it's own side of the yard.

Tracy said...

Marci, you are so talented! You need to make a dress for Annabelle :)
And I hope Colin's new meds help!
Love you!

Arabela said...

Great work.