Saturday, April 26, 2008

Yes, it has been ages!

People have been asking me to update my blog for some time. Well, between running myself thin and not enough hours in the day and the stresses of the kids... it hasn't really been on my mind. Sorry.

Um... first Christina came to visit us for a week. Then Martha and her hubbins came for two days and that was really nice to see her again.

Keely has been accepted into the gifted/talented program at school. She is doing very well in the class and really enjoys it. There are only 6 kindergartners out of approx. 100 kids.

Colin is still madly in love with Caitlyn. I watch her on Mondays after school and they are inseparable. He is doing well in school. He's the only pre-k kid who can rhyme and can clap out the syllables.

I have been crafting. I haven't posted anything I've made. Guess I will have to one of these days! I have become obsessed with my garden. I am growing different types of squash and zucchini, bell peppers, greenbeans, watermelon, broccoli, onions, sweet potatoes, tons of herbs, soybeans (the white kind to make soymilk and tofu), and some other things I can't think of right now because it's still too early in the morning. I also have a bunch of different flowers growing in the yard and trees. Again, I'll take some pictures at some point.

The kids both have apointments on the 8th for a full psyh eval. Then we get to start going to the pediatric psychiatrist which is a mere $300 per appointment.

Um... that's all in a nutshell. I have some kids to wrangle. More to come!


Jeannett Gibson said...

I was wondering where on earth you've been! $300 an appointment?! Ha, that's childplay: Henry's cardiologist is $1500 an appointment! (As if it's any's disgusting how expensive this crap is!)

Sunday Afternoon Housewife said...

Wow! Your garden is crazy! Where exactly are you growing all of that stuff?