Friday, February 22, 2008

The kids and I pet a tiger today!

I got a note home in Keely's backpack about a fundraser where the kids can take a picture with a tiger cub for $18 per 5X7 photo. A bit pricey for my likes, but how often do you get to take a picture with a baby tiger? So, I wrote Keely a check. Colin didn't have a note, so I assumed that pre-k wasn't able to do it.

I picked Colin up from school today and one of the other mums said how she has three kids in school and it broke her checkbook. I asked if I could run home to grab a check so Colin could have his picture taken also. They said it was okay, so I zipped over and within a few minutes were in line for the tiger. Colin took his picture and the tiger was the most adorable thing. He was 3 months old and his name was Zeus :) The principal walked over and said that she had noticed that only Keely had money, so she pulled Colin out of class and they took a picture together. How wonderful was that of her???

SSSOOOOO..... I have a picture of Colin alone and the kids together.


Rachel Slagle said...

how very cool!

Tracy said...

That is so cool! I bet they loved it! And they are adorable, as usual.

Liz Anderson said...

Cute kids!
Liz Anderson (Langenwalter)