Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's been a while..

Things have been so busy! Let's see...

* I go to physical therapy 3 times a week anywhere between 1 1/2 - 2 hours/session. This is the first week I have started to walk without any crutches (except first thing in the morning when I'm incredibly stiff). I ONLY have 4-6 weeks left! My strength has returned much faster than the ability to bend my knee. The greatest news is I can FINALLY climb over the bathtub edge!!! Now I can shower whenever I want and don't have to rely on Christian or my Mum! It's the greatest feeling. I can't WAIT until I can drive again!!! I'm hoping about 2 more weeks...

* Keely has started kindergarten. She started out with a brand new teacher who didn't know her head from her foot. Suddenly, without warning, we got a note home saying, "Mrs. Ochoa has left her position as teacher... blah blah blah." We now have a wonderful 8 year veteran teacher. Keely likes her a lot and she has been doing MUCH better in school with the new teacher.

* Colin has started Pre-Kindergarten. His teacher has worked in special education for a few years. She REALLY knows what she's talking about! Colin tells me every night at bedtime, "Miss Gibson is beaudiful." He is doing VERY GOOD in school. The first two weeks were rough, but he's settled into his routine. On Friday, he was the only kid in the class to earn the smiley face stamp!!! He's very quiet and reserved. He spends most of his time observing what's happening around him. He also has started colouring and drawing for the first time in his life!!! He draws us the same picture every single day. It's great. I'll scan in one later it's that good :)

* Today Keely went out on Andy's boat for the first time. I got a report a few hours ago that she was inter tubing with Andy. I'm hoping in two weeks I'll be able to go with everyone. Right now, the knee isn't doing well enough.

* Our dearest kitty, Hank Williams, is dieing of cancer. We have to take him to get steroid shots every other week to prolong his life. He has gone from 21 lbs to 10. He's nothing but skin and bone. It's really sad. It's Christian's first born and I don't know how he will handle it when he finally passes.

That's about all I have at the moment.

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Jeannett Gibson said...

Oh how sad about Hank! Poor kitty! But awesome to hear the whole clan seems to be doing better and that you are on the mend!