Monday, September 24, 2007

Colin is Engaged; Keely was Student of the Week Last Week

There is a little girl in Colin's class that he frequently talks about. Her name is Katie. They play a little "stop, go" game together and always talk while waiting in the cafeteria for the teacher. Today Christian took the kids to school. He came back and informed me that Colin is now engaged.

Colin and Katie sat next to each other. Colin pulled out a picture that he drew of himself and the letter "C" and "X" he wrote on the backside of the paper. Katie asked if he drew her a picture. Colin said, "No. Not yet. Maybe later." He then noticed that she had a scrape on her temple. He asked, "Oh, you have an ouchie? Are you okay?" She replied that her dog jumped up and scratched her. He quickly replied, "I will not hurt you. I will be nice to you everyday. I will marry you. In one year I will marry you." She got up from her seat, walked over to where Christian was sitting at the end of the table and said to him, "I will wear a dress at the park when I get married!" and she did a ballerina twirl to show them how she can spin.

Today when Christian picked him up from school, they started to walk away and Colin stopped abruptly and said, "I didn't say bye to my friends." He ran back to the class, waved to them, gave Katie a hug and walked back to Chris. My little guy is all grown up!!!

On another rather exciting note, Keely was awarded STUDENT OF THE WEEK on the third week!!!!!! I was so so so proud of her!!! The teacher emailed me this, "Keely has shown great progress since I’ve started in her class. She is very particular about her work and the process she goes about getting it done! But no out bursts or defiant behaviors." SO proud of her!!!


Sunday Afternoon Housewife said...

Oh a lovely fall wedding! Hehe, how cute that he said " one year..." If love were always that simple.

Chamnap said...

The story about Colin is so cute!! He's already making the girls swoon....