Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My Wandering Husband

10:00 pm. Christian and I go to bed.
1:23 am. Colin calls from his bed, "I have a bloody nose." I look and Christian isn't in bed. I think to myself, "I missed Colin's first call. Chris got up and is on his way to take care of it." 15 seconds later, Colin calls again.
I got up, sprinted to Colin's room, and start to apply pressure to his nose. Suddenly I hear it. It sounds like a bear sleeping in Keely's room. She is prone to deep breathing, snoring, talking & sleepwalking, but this sound was far too severe to come from her little body.
Colin's nose stops, I tuck him back in. I go into Keely's room and see her sleeping at the foot of the bed and Christian at the head (mind you, this IS a full sized bed). I shake him awake and he looks panicked. I walk with him to the kitchen and ask why he was in bed with Keely. Not only did he have no idea why he was in Keely's bed, he had no idea what he was talking about!! He was completely out of it and rambling about the oddest things!! It was glorious.


Rachel Slagle said...

This is too funny! I always get a big laugh when Jason talks in his sleep. I love talking to him just for the sheer fact that I get a great laugh :)

andy gibson said...

Ok, so it's been almost a week, how is your knee? Are you alive? I'll call you soon if you don't post!