Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Garden Pictures... 4 weeks after planting

Excuse the large amount of weeds in the front.

My little patch of green love!

Little Lettuce Patch

Somehow, someday, this will be cabbage

My Wall-o-Squash. Since it was overtaking everything within it's reach, I decided to claim a bell pepper support for the Butternut, Straightneck, Crookneck and Zucchini to grow on. I only put it in two days ago.

A Butternut Squash nearing harvest hidden under the canopy of leaves

One row of Green Beans was snuffed out by the Zucchini. The other row is doing well.

The soybeans are starting to flower.

Giant tomato plants in my little tomato cages

Monday, June 23, 2008

My First Harvest

That's right... one month in the ground and I have a harvest!!!!!

Drum roll, please....

All two cherry tomatoes... Keely devoured them seconds after the picture was taken.

Radishes. We planted 200 seeds and it seems that a good 150+ made it. I don't eat 'em, but I hear they are some of the hottest my family has ever eaten.

I have been patiently waiting for the squash section. I have 4 varieties in the garden. The first to be picked was a gorgeous zucchini that was hidden deep under the leaf canopy. As you can see by the measuring tape it's over 10" long!

I heard Colin playing phone and came out to him exclaiming, "I found this big telephone on the counter!"

And non-garden related, yesterday Lambchops celebrated his 12-week birthday. He's gotten a lot darker on his points. He's extremely vocal and we have full conversations. He's so much fun and so adorable!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wii... Where Have You Been All My Life????

The Wii came. It arrrived on Thursday afternoon. I'm not as young as I thought... my muscles are screaming; thank goodness for Advil! Jess came over last night around 9... and didn't leave until 130a! Christian sat and watched and talked a lot of crap because I don't know how to box. As soon as we woke up this morning, I forced the control and nunchuk on him :) Guess who couldn't live up to his talk?!?!

I'm pretty certain that I'm going to lost that 30 lbs I gained last summer from the knee surgery!!! This thing rocks!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

L A M B C H O P S ! ! !

Time to introduce everyone to Lambchops. He's my new friend. He is a Persian/Birman mix. For those who don't know... Whiskers is a Birman... they are SUPER friendly cats, almost dog-like, and have the sacred white paws of purity (a legend). We got him on May 23rd and went through our "adjustment" with him. After a few weeks of my abuse and smothering and he is slowly becoming my little lap buddy (when he isn't exploring, running, chasing, eating fuzz balls off the carpet and wrestling).

This is him at 6 weeks

Here he is the day I brought him home. He made immediate friends with Bailey!

Over the past week, he and Stripey have decided they are best friends. She keeps him in check!

I took this last night. He climbed up on Christian's turntable and made a little house (which he is currently hiding there right now and looks adorable!)

I'll bust out the good camera and take some cute action shots of him over the next few days. He's such a fun little ball of fluff and the pictures do NOT do his fluff justice! Since his arrival, my nightmares of reliving Smashy's murder have reduced. So, I guess he's doing his job!

Shades of Purple Sundress

I'm making "Shades of Purple" for my glorious gf, so I did a small scale for Keely to make sure I liked all of the FOURTY different fabric patches of purple together.

The bodice is a little boxy and big. That tends to happen when I do my own designs. I'm still learning :)

SO... here it is...

Keely's 1st Lost Tooth

It happened. It was disgusting. She was eating a hot dog and out it popped in her mouthful. Crunchy!

Took these pictures the night before because we thought it was ready to go... Christian said it wasn't. We were going for the "Dad punched it out" story...

Monday, June 2, 2008

Grow Little Garden... GROW! 12 days later

Last week I was pretty dang sick. Couldn't move, let alone blog. I'm better now!! YIPPEEE!

The garden has taken off in leaps and bounds. The squash section is trying to take over... and it succeeding!

Here we are now, 12 days after my last post. All images are click-able for better viewing

Blackberries... all of which were consumed moments after taking the picture

The lettuce just poking through

The newest addition to the garden... RHUBARB!! It won't be ready until next year :(

AAAHHH the squash that is taking over... There is Straightneck, Crookneck, Butternut & Zucchini

What's under those big squashy leaves??? Why look... the straightneck squash has blooms and the beginning of of some delicious treats!

Two varieties of Green Beans

GROW LITTLE SOYBEANS!! Grow!!! Tofu and soymilk are expensive. One day, my little soybeans, that will be your fate!!!

Keely's Cherry Tomato plant is the only one with tomatoes so far. The other 4 varities are flowering, so it won't be long!

If you look closely... inbetween the invading grass and weeds... yes, there they are! ONIONS! I REALLY need to finish getting the rest in the ground!!!!

My lavender is in the front yard and went int a beautiful bloom

SSSOOOO... that's what we've got! Still no buds on the grapevine :(