Friday, July 17, 2009

Screw the doors opening... they keep slamming

what should have been a fairly easy project to get everyone help and together has turned into a nightmare. we have a real estate agent, the housing & loan guy, mum & i... nobody can find something that works w/in a respectable price range. sure, we can go to 60 acres and have no housing restrictions... um... only 1 million smackeroos! no biggy. we found a property that we can do whatever we want to... we just have a giant watertower cutting out a huge slice of the property and live with the trashiest of trash on the other side. oh wait, there was that really great property that the owner "thinks" there are no restrictions. can anyone get an answer on it, of course not! so day after day after day everyone is upset, angry, frustrated... *sigh*

okay... vent over.

so what's going on? everyone feels frustrated and defeated. the purpose of this exercise was:
1. Get Sue & Jake out here with us. We can help take care of her. They can't afford to live in CA any longer. they need out.... immediately.
2. Get mum out from this upside down house that is draining her financially. sure, when dad was alive things were okay because they had the money from the equity in CA... right when he died the stock market crashed... and he never put "transfer upon death" on ANY of the money.
3. Get the kids out of the current school district. i have been fighting with these people since we moved here over my kids educational needs and they are fighting me non-bloody-stop.
4. Get me out of mum's house and into my own. granted, living with mum isn't too bad. we take care of each other... but if i ever wanted to date or anything... kinda gets awkward :D

sssoooo.... back to the drawing board we go... again... my dear friend, nichole, keeps telling me to hold onto faith. over and over and over having the same problems, same restrictions, same frustrations, it gets hard. i guess w/o these trials and tribulations there would be no need for faith...?!?!?!?

more to come... if anything does come... *sigh*

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Tiffany said...

Hang in there Marci. IMO without trials and tribulations there would be no life. When one door closes another opens, it may close and open many times before the right one stays open. Everything always has a way of working out in the end!