Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The door to one house closes.... a new one opens....

Well, we went in for a pushed extremely fast escrow on the house with the land.... and... at the last minute someone noticed a line on the title that said "one home only." Well, that wasn't going to work since we need at least a second home for Susie and Jake to move into (for those who have forgotten or didn't hear, my Aunt was in a nearly fatal car accident and is now paralyzed). SSSOOOO... back to the drawing board we went.

We found 8 acres for sale with a home one it. We are going to leave the home in front there and fix it up and turn it into a rental or guest house... who knows right now. Susie, Jake, Mum and I are going to put our homes in the middle of the property. So... with FAITH (that's for you, Nich) we are hopefully going to get this land.

More to come later...

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