Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Funfilled Weekend with a Friend

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Friday night, my crafty friend Martha, flew out from Indiana to meet me. SO much fun!

Saturday Christian, Martha, Colin and I went down to McKinney and wandered some antique shops. It was bloody cold with ice cold super winds. After, we ate, picked up Keely from my Mum's (she had been sick all night) and went north of Sherman to see a drive-through Christmas light display. I was impressed!

Sunday we started out at Trade Days and were surprised to see Santa there.

We then headed over to the Heard Wildlife Sanctuary to see life-sized animatronic DINOSAURS!
After, we took her out to the country to see water buffalo, American buffalo, llamas, long-horns, alpacas and over to the Christmas Tree farm. Apparently is was the last day to cut down a tree, so our Martha did the honors (since I couldn't squat or bend). Colin picked the tree for us.

Monday I took the kids to school and Martha and I went down to Dallas, after eating a delicious breakfast at Waffle House. We went to Fair Park to the aquarium
Museum of Nature & Science which also was featuring a large display of DINOSAURS! After, we went to the grassy knoll. I was a lot more moved than I thought. In the picture, I'm standing on the sidewalk where the first bullet hit (it was in the center lane of the street marked with an X). The window is behind the tree... building behind me, 2nd window from the top all the way to the right.

Tuesday we just enjoyed our time before we dropped her off at the airport. It was an amazing time. Although we went places and saw things I have never seen before (like the narwhal horn/tooth at the Natural Museum)... the BEST part was learning to knit on double point needles!!! Now I can finally knit hats!!! I can't wait to plan my trip up to Indiana in the spring!!!!!!!

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