Monday, October 8, 2007

Fun Times, I tell you!

I've been watching Johnny & London and loving every moment of it. Keely & Colin have taken a great interest in helping with the babies. Colin will tell Johnny "lessons" like "Little Johnny, buckle your sandal! It's a safety hazard! You will fall and get hurt!" Keely likes to sit down with London and teach her lessons such as, "London, your name starts with the letter L and my names is Keely and you need to learn to say it." It's been really wonderful having someone around for Colin. For the first time, he feels like he can be a teacher. He is also starting to figure out how to play WITH someone... not just beside someone.

Things around the homefront have been pretty much stable. I'm walking. I'm doing some cleaning. I'm going to therapy. The pain can still be pretty intense. The doctor wants to take my screw out on Friday at my next apointment. I'm thinking of keeping it. I feel I have earned it.

In the crafting world, I have joined another craft swap. It's a smaller Halloween swap. My partner seems like a very nice gal. I received my goodies from my Harry Potter Swap with Martha. Oh So Happy!! One day I'll get around to posting a picture or three... One day...

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