Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Blog ALL About You (and you too)

You wanted a blog about you... well here it is. Well, I may have lied because it will not solely be about you and you alone. I will mention the other someone too.

One day I stumbled into you. I couldn't walk away there was too much... "character" to leave. And I stayed; for hours, in fact. You turned my frown upside down. You gave me the laugh and smile that I needed. You were there that day, and the next, and the next...... as a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure you can't get rid of me now. I'm like that annoying mosquito that you can hear buzzing but you just can't see to swat at. Then again, do you REALLY want to get rid of me??? Every time you come start to think it's time to lock the doors and hide, do remember.... Elizabeth. Oh... you owe me. I know the other person who I am mentioning has thanked me!!!

SO.... to you, I thank you for being here day after day (erm... night rather). You have given me smiles and laughs that I have been struggling to have. And to the other, I have only started to know you and I adore you already. Thanks for looking out for me... making sure I'm taking care of myself.

Thank you... both of you.

*** E D I T ***

To you, and all of your bitching... you will receive a longer blog. And if, after this, you complain that it is not long enough... I will have the other someone slap you for me. I tried to keep this as anonymous as possible, but it was hard enough for the first part let alone the edit. Lets see if I can still pull it off.

I am drinking fruit smoothies packed full of tofu and protein powder every day for the other. The food wasn't settling very well with recent events and you gave me the great idea to make them. I have lost some weight, quite a bit actually, over the past month and I know I haven't been taking in the proper nutrition. I have been taking my daily vitamin, but that hasn't been enough. Last night, when my visitor arrived, I got a nice greasy hamburger and I managed to eat the whole thing. My guest was rather happy with my eating the whole thing too. And yes, it is almost 2 and I have yet to have more than just a graham cracker to take my vitamin and pill with, but I have already put together homemade meat balls and they are just waiting to go in the oven closer to dinner time.

Okay you, I know you are upset because I started talking about the other before you.... here is your light lol. You ditched me yesterday and I will forgive you for that. I only forgive you because I know you were with the other. Man, this is hard to keep vague. Sorry I had to ditch you last night, but it was for a hamburger!! You have to understand how hard the decision was! You may not forgive me, but I know the other will :)

My parting words to you... hope this is long enough.

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